A holiday to the subcontinent  is an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience and there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a couple looking for an immersive cultural trip or a family looking for a cultural getaway, these 5 tours will provide you with a unique experience of the Indian subcontinent.

One of the great joys of a trip to India is the amazing range of hotels that you can stay at along the way. These inspirational hotels which are India’s best beach hotels for those looking for small beautiful and loveliest beach or coastal stays.

Are you curious about India? Would like to go on a holiday to India but find it daunting to understand where to go and how to plan. We have listed below are our favourite must-see best places to go in India and there is a reason why they make it to our list of best places to visit in India. India is a fascinating country packed with special features to inspire your India holidays as there is always more to see and experience in India. 

If you are planning a Safari holiday here are some thoughts you should consider before and during your trip. Our tips for your perfect Safari holiday in Asia.

Swap hectic Indian cities for the tree-lined boulevards of the Colonial cities of India. Pondicherry and Thanjavur offers tranquillity of a different kind.  Pondicherry, on the Bay of Bengal was a French colonial settlement for nearly 200 years

See India the way it was meant to be seen, by taking one of these Great Indian Train Journeys. You will get to experience the true India, the ever changing scenery, the hustle and bustle of urban and rural life.

Due to the plentiful religions and traditions you can somewhat guarantee that there will always be some occasion for celebration.  The colour and energy of festivals and events in India are incredible, here is a list of India’s unmissable festivals, so if you get an opportunity to attend one don’t pass up on it.

Much like India’s capital, many tourists visiting this beautiful country have Mumbai as their starting point. Mumbai is a city that defines living on the edge, both metaphorically and literally. But for all the stress that locals endure, there are little gems in the city where they can let off some steam.

Camping has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of lugging tents to the perfect spot only to find that the mosquitos share your opinion. Glamorous camping or ‘Glamping’ is the new kind of adventure holiday that brings your camping experience to a whole new level of grandeur.

More often than not, for the first time visitor to India, Delhi is their starting point. But not many take the time out to explore this incredible city. Instead they head off on the Golden Triangle route.  Delhi has far more to offer, so next time you are in India follow our guide for a weekend in Delhi and get to know this incredible city. 

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