Rakhi inhaled deeply as the first snow covered peaks of the Annapurna mountain range came into view. Her Nepalese trek was to take her across the Annapurna foothills, through many of the timeless, beautiful Gurang villages scattered across the region. The Himalayan scene that surrounded her was still as breath-taking as ever, even after all these years. She smiled to herself as she thought back to her childhood and the first time she had pictured Indian Odyssey in her mind. The company’s slogan was, and always had been, ‘Authentic Travel Experiences’. Taking a moment to lift her gaze to the frozen crests above, she knew that there was nothing more authentic than this.


Travel had always been a passion for Rakhi, even from an early age. When it came time to organise the annual family getaway, she would always be at the centre of things, drawing together ideas and expectations to develop the perfect trip. Having to include her parents, uncles, aunties, siblings and cousins often made planning a difficult task, but Rakhi relished the opportunity. As she grew older, more and more responsibility was placed before her, and her hunger for organisation and scheduling grew.

At University, Rakhi became a student of International Business, completing a Master’s degree in the subject. Having spent a lifetime managing the travel expectations of her family and friends, she now had the business acumen to compliment her finely honed organisational skills. With a clear objective in mind, Indian Odyssey was born.

The company began life as a way for Rakhi to showcase the extraordinary beauty if India. With its breath-taking vistas and awe inspiring monuments, she felt that it was location that demanded the love and adoration of the world. Rajasthan, Gujarat and the Himalayas became part of an eclectic mix of destinations that Rakhi was able to present. Her focus was on delivering luxury and ease to her guests, giving them the opportunity to truly embrace and imbed themselves into the culture.

Over the next decade, Rakhi, along with her dedicated team, began to compile a destination portfolio. India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, the UAE and the Maldives were all locations she adored, and so they became the key destinations for Indian Odyssey tours.

Today, Indian Odyssey offers bespoke, personalised holiday trips to locations across India and the sub-continent. Whatever your requirements, the team is able to meet them, with a devotion that matches the passion of their founder. If you are looking for authentic travel experiences without a compromise of quality, then speak to us today.

  Rakhi Bansal




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