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What’s a holiday without having the opportunity to be truly pampered. There is no feeling on the planet compared to that of letting the world’s worries and cares drift away as your body gradually relaxes and that delicious sensation of weightlessness and bliss takes over. There really is nothing quite like a spa treatment and what could be better than a dedicated spa in your hotel? Take your pick of the spa’s in the Maldives or Ayurvedic treatments in Southern India. Browse through our specially selected itineraries that include hotels with serene surroundings with comfortable stays complemented by their incredible spa or yoga programs.


15 days
From £3225

Set off for a memorable exploration across the scenic states of Kerala and Karnataka in Sou....

9 days
From £5500

Inviting luxury explorers to immerse in Bhutan’s cultural heritage and extraordinary landscape with Como hotels and ....

9 days
From £1595

Imagine a holiday where every moment is a chance to unwind and indulge. Picture yourself in Kerala, a state where nature’s beauty and tranqui....

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