Are you looking for a fresh, authentic travel experience? For those who are tired of taking the same dull and repetitive holiday trips each year, Indian Odyssey have the answer. Many of our guests come back year after year to book their time away, experiencing more of the ‘mysterious’ East with each and every trip. As well as the stunning destinations we offer, it is also the attention to detail of our service that keeps them coming back. Our holiday experiences are never a one size fit, with each a bespoke journey plan that takes into account your expectations and desires.


 But why else should you choose us?


Engaging the Senses

Experiencing a truly authentic, distinctive holiday is like nothing else. The rousing sound of local dialects, the unique smell of regional food and trade, and the sight of unfamiliar yet beautiful local landmarks. We will recommend the hotels we love, in towns and cities we adore but the way you choose to experience your destination is uniquely yours.

Trusting the Experts

Our handcrafted excursions will have been personally tested by our consultants before we recommend them to you. By visiting some of the most remote places on earth, we can uncovered hidden treasure in the form of secluded, untouched locations. Our team craves adventure, which is why we are more than happy to test out any journey on your behalf.

Adventure in New Lands

Our website is the perfect directory of carefully selected accommodation; from boutique lodgings to world renowned palaces and hotels. When you travel to extraordinary places, you must have the time to enjoy them. We will always look to endorse accommodation with character, somewhere that perfectly represents your surroundings and helps you truly feel enveloped in the culture.

Value and Quality

At Indian Odyssey we believe in offering value, but never to the detriment of quality. Our ambition has always been for our destinations to be accessible to families, friends and groups across the globe, and our competitive pricing helps us achieve this. Our holidays may be unique, but are always affordable.


Throughout your holiday and wherever you are, you will have constant contact with us. We will always provide a 24/7 UK and local destination number, so no matter how far into your journey you are, we are always able to advise you on where to turn next.

The main reason we believe you should choose Indian Odyssey for you authentic adventure requirements? Because we care. Our founder, Rakhi, has travelled the world in search of exceptional locations, uncovering hidden depths to countries and regions we think we know so well. She created her company to introduce this places to the world, making booking, organising and travelling on holiday an easy, stress-free process. One that allows you to enjoy the trip and forget the logistics.


 If you are looking to experience the exceptional too, then get in touch today.

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