Lucknow often described as the city of Nawabs and Kebabs of culture and literature, of history and architecture. It is also the place near which the famous Kakori Train Robbery took place during the Independence Movement. This robbery was a catalyst in India’s freedom struggle and shook the British government. Today, the monuments and relics in Lucknow stand as a reminder of the colonial era. Lucknow has a charm of a city steeped in arts and history. Historically, Lucknow was a stronghold of the Mughal Empire. The power was then transferred to the Nawabs of Awadh, who lived well, enjoyed the arts and indulged in good food. In Lucknow steal yourself away to visit the Bara Imambara (literal translation as Big Shrine), inthe  old town, where you’ll find the famous “bhool-bhulaiya”, a labyrinth. The Bara Imambara houses Asia’s largest hall without any external support from beams and is an embodiment of Awadhi culture and architecture. Another popular landmark is the British Residency, a complex of ruins and a great example of colonial architecture. A charming British style locality, this complex is believed to be haunted by ghosts from a British cemetery.

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