23rd January 2021

Best Holiday Destinations in India

Best places to visit in India

Author:Rakhi Bansal

This fascinating country is packed with special features to inspire your India holidays. And there is always more to see and experience in India. Curious? Listed below are our favourite must-see places in India. We think there is every reason why these best places to visit in India should be in the bucket list of every curious traveller: 

best places to visit in IndiaWhy add Hampi to your India holiday?

Visit Hampi and you will be travelling back in time to the glorious days of the 14th century Vijayanagara Empire. Let the interesting and charming ancient sites of Hampi tell you the story of what was once described as ‘the best provided city in the world’ . Hampi was one of the richest and largest cities in the world before it fell to the Deccan Sultanates. But what remains today, is a sprawling scenic ruined city, with its numerous temples, monuments, statues and palaces, civic buildings and even irrigation systems. So when you combine this with a backdrop of Tungabhadra River, lush rice and banana plantations, swaying palm trees and giant boulders, it creates a stunning landscape with abundant natural beauty. Therefore, this makes Hampi special. And gives us every reason to include it in our list of best places to visit in India. More about Hampi here  


Best places to visit in IndiaWhy add Calcutta to your India holiday?

Set on the Hooghli River, the city of Calcutta has many tales to tell of its past colonial times, local talents and food stories. The city was once the capital city of British India. As a result, the city has one of the finest remnants of colonial architecture in the country. A guided tour in the city takes you through the ‘European’ areas of the city exploring what was once the capital of the British Empire as you visit Dalhousie square, Victoria Memorial and St. Paul’s church. Furthermore, you will make new discoveries when  you visit local old and new bazaars (markets). You will explore how many diverse cultures make up today’s cosmopolitan Calcutta. More about Calcutta here


Kerala backwatersWhy add Kerala’s backwaters to your India holiday?

Laid back and stretched along the tropical Malabar coast with 600kms of Arabian Sea coastline, Kerala is a world away from the fast pace of rest of India. It is often the most popular part of India holiday. Kerala is famed for its palm-fringed golden sand beaches, tea and spice plantations, abundant wildlife, birdlife and a network of backwaters. These tranquil backwaters attract travellers because there is so little to do. So as you cruise along the backwaters on a luxuriously adapted houseboat; you see local life, abundant birdlife and spectacular sunsets. Savour laid back moments where you sip a drink, read a book, watch the birds or simply doze as the lush, sleepy jungle slips by. At the same time, your private crew steers the boat, cooks local delicacies and is on hand to respond to your every whim.  More on Kerala backwaters here


best places to visit in IndiaWhy add Ladakh to your India holiday?

Dramatic landscapes, serene turquoise lakes surrounded by snow-capped Himalayan peaks dot Ladakh’s high altitude desert plateau. For this reason, it is often referred to as one of the most picturesque places on the planet. And can easily be claimed as one of the best natural places in India to visit. Situated in India’s most northern region at an altitude of over 3500m, Ladakh is the highest desert in the world. Snowfall in winter is the only source of water in this high altitude desert. The culture is no less extraordinary with the predominant religion being Buddhism. There are numerous monasteries and a series of colourful festivals take place each summer. Extraordinary, that’s Ladakh and hence it makes to our list of best places to visit in India! Ladakh can become part of any of our suggested range of India holidays so if you are travelling to India between the months of May to September. It is closed to tourists in winter months. More on Ladakh here 


Rajasthan holidaysWhy add Jodhpur to your India holiday?

Jodhpur enjoys rich mughal history as told by its magnificent forts and palaces. Add to this its twisted lanes with colourful markets and radiating blue hues from blue and white-washed stone houses. There is every reason why it will amaze its visitors. Once a capital of the powerful princely state of Marwar, Jodhpur lies on the edge of the Thar Desert. It is a fascinating place to lose yourself for a couple of days whilst on holiday in India, immersed in the cultural charms of Rajasthan. We suggest that you explore the city on foot, its maze of medieval streets. These streets are beaming with colourful bazaars, well stocked with spices, bright embroidered fabrics and local handmade puppets. The gleaming blue painted houses line these streets, hence Jodhpur is designated as the ‘Blue City’.  More on Jodhpur here


Kerala HolidaysWhy add Munnar to your India holiday?

Firstly, Munnar is surrounded by high peaks, layers of tea estates, mountain mist, waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries. Secondly, it is a  place to truly switch off and unwind or be a bit adventurous. Hence, Munnar makes it to our list of best places to visit in India for a holiday. This charming hill station in Kerala is perfect for scenic walks through the plantations, trekking, rafting, adventure sports. If you are not feeling adventurous, consider taking it its stunning evergreen scenery while you enjoy a cup of tea at the local tea factory. Munnar can easily be part of your Kerala tour as it is easily accessible from Cochin and Periyar Wildlife sanctuary. More on Munnar here


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